Another of the high-profile streaming music holdouts have relented. “We are pleased to confirm that as of today, May 8, The Eagles are now available on Rdio,” a Rdio spokesperson tells Digital Music News. With no mention of an exclusive deal, it’s fair to assume the band’s catalogue will also be appearing sooner rather than later on rival services. It’ll be the latest chapter in The Eagles’ digital music history, starting with an exclusive digital/physical album distribution deal with Wal-Mart in 2007 (Bulletin, 21-Aug-07). The band’s appearance on streaming service reminded us of a quote from manager Irving Azoff in 2008, too, when asked about iTunes. “I recently looked to see how much The Eagles have been paid in royalties from all their downloads at iTunes. The Eagles are one of the two or three best selling catalogs in the business. And we figured out that [total iTunes royalties] equaled about 45 minutes of one concert at any city in the world,” he said at the time (Bulletin, 19-Feb-08). Heaven knows how many minutes Rdio royalties will add up to, but for a band like The Eagles with a famous, sizeable back catalogue, streaming can certainly pay off. Their struggle to remove unlicensed songs from Grooveshark (Bulletin, 1-Nov-11) may have played a part in their eventual decision to license legitimate streaming services too.

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