Yes, that’s a pretty fuzzy mission statement: is far from the only music startup trying to connect musicians and fans. And its mission statement continues the good-but-vague vibes: “We want to bring music fans closer to the artists and labels they love. We want to create a world in which it’s easy and fun to be a music fan and it’s possible to make a good living as an artist… In the shorter term, we’re just trying to create a fun place for music fans to show off their music tastes, find new music, stay up to date with music news, and support the musicians they love.” Some of the lingo is a bit wince-inducing too: fans and artists/labels as “sexy groups”, multiple uses of “folks” and “We are building an open resource free to use by all. Think Wikipedia, yo.” But it’s basically a new music-focused social network with pages for artists (and plans for pages for labels, venues and individual shows), where fans are active contributors to the content. will be based in London, and bossed by former Virgin Group exec Alex Hunter. The underwhelming Myspace relaunch shows why will have its work cut out to persuade fans they have the time or need for another social/music service, but we’ll be interested to see what it comes up with.

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