Spotify starts showing play-counts for popular tracks


sheeran.png-largeSpotify is launching an update to its desktop application that displays play-counts for popular tracks on artists’ profiles.

Not every Spotify user can see the counts yet, but the new feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks, with some people already noticing it in the latest update – click on the screenshot for a bigger view.

“We’re committed to making Spotify even more artist and fan-friendly and showing play counts is a clear step in that direction,” a Spotify spokesperson tells Music Ally.

“Now artists can get immediate feedback on how their music is performing on Spotify and fans can keep up to date with popular tracks”

So, from the example above that was screenshotted by Music Ally’s Rob MacAllister, we can see that Ed Sheeran’s ‘The A Team’ has been played more than 56m times on Spotify. We understand that the play counts are for total, global plays on Spotify.

It’s another move towards more transparency for Spotify, and it could also benefit the streaming service by making Spotify play-counts a popular metric for success in the music industry, sitting alongside (and, indeed, compared with – ‘The A Team’s official video has just under 60m plays on YouTube for example) other figures like YouTube views, Facebook Likes and SoundCloud plays.

Daft Punk Spotify SSYes, we’ve also been nosing around Daft Punk’s profile, as you would this month. ‘Get Lucky’ has been played 22.5m times on Spotify so far…

Stuart Dredge

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