Music Ally Podcast #27 – Spotify, Google, Soundhalo, Tumblr and more


Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge return to their underwater podcasting lair to discuss the burning (legal notice: not actually burning) issues of the day. Among the issues picked apart like so much mechanically recovered meat are: Spotify play numbers and why transparency might finally be here for streaming music; a rush of digital services into live music and if we may be over-serving a small market; buying stuff on YouTube and why Diddy is unlikely to start hawking £5 Argos watches; Yahoo buying Tumblr and potential music copyright issues down the line; and if a plucky new startup called Google can make its music subscription service work (or if this is just a testing of the water for a company long used to giving stuff away for free to finally start charging its users). Side issues include an amazing “capital punishment ” joke, a reference to Ian Brown goose-stepping that is not what you think,  Eamonn and Stu begging for hair products, an off colour joke about “access-based models” in Amsterdam and an idea for a new saucy new film called Carry On Up The Funnel (certificate 18).

Music Ally

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