ThingLink launches an official iPhone and iPad app


thinglinkWe’ve written several times about ThingLink, the service that helps people build links and interactivity into images and share them online, which has been used for a number of digital music marketing campaigns.

Now ThingLink is going mobile with the launch of an official iPhone and iPad app. Released on the App Store yesterday, it’s aiming for consumers rather than just marketers.

“Welcome to the Future of Images,” as the App Store listing puts it. “Make your images come alive with videos, notes, and more. Share and view them on Facebook, Twitter and ThingLink.”

People can add text, videos, Twitter handles and YouTube videos to their images before sharing. The YouTube aspect is interesting: it’ll provide a (royalty-free) way for people to associate music with their photos.

If the app becomes popular for browsing other people’s ThingLink images too, though, it could benefit the labels and artists who are using the service.

For more on the app and ThingLink’s mobile strategy, check this presentation published by the company earlier in the week:

ThingLink Mobile from ThingLink
Stuart Dredge

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