In the near future, asking a company what its mobile strategy is will be “like asking a business today if they’re a dot-com business” according to Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann. In other words: a silly question, because every business needs a good mobile strategy, just as they need a web strategy. Silbermann also talked at the D11 conference about Pinterest’s mobile experience, including its users’ adoption of apps. “A growing number use Pinterest exclusively on their phone or tablet,” he said. “When we released our mobile apps, we were taking bets on how long it’d take for those to surpass our web traffic. I figured it’d take a few weeks. It was literally the day it was released. I think it’s because phones and tablets are largely always around you, whereas you’re not always around a computer.” And more on consumer expectations: “The average consumer will soon expect that every service is available on every platform. More and more, that’s a phone or a tablet or a phablet.” Something digital music services already know well.

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