Music Ally Podcast #28 – Napster, YouTube, iRadio and more


The Music Ally podcast is back after a week off because, like a digital Lazarus (or a digital ET), Stu Dredge is “back from the dead” (trans: he gnawed one too many frozen chicken drumsticks at a BBQ) to join Eamonn Forde to talk about some stuff. Among the “stuff” they talk about is: Napster expanding across Europe and introducing “laddered” pricing (that’s an actual Music Ally scoop right there) and the challenges they will face; YouTube’s new Creator Academy that claims will train users to get the most out of its video platform that quickly descends into speculation about when Snoop Lion will try and conquer Grindr and asides on the Riefenstahl-esque use of flaming torches on Top Of The Pops in 1993; why France is seeing downloads bomb and streaming struggle; and finally what iRadio could look like, how publishers are not rolling over any more and why we need to replace Alicia Keys at Apple events with Gwar.

Music Ally

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