The Pew Research Center has published its latest research into the US tablet market, claiming that 34% of US adults now own a tablet – up from 3% in May 2010, and 18% in April 2012. The demographic groups most likely to own one are those living in households earning at least $75k a year, college graduates, and adults aged 35-44. In fact, 49% of 35-44 year-old Americans now own a tablet, which Pew compares to the traditionally younger skew for smartphone ownership. Also interesting for the future: among parents with children living at home, tablet ownership rose from 26% in April 2012 to 50% in May 2013 – the latest evidence of a new generation growing up with tablets and touchscreens. Well, part of a generation: Pew’s research highlights the fact that less wealthy people who didn’t complete high school are under-indexing considerably.

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