Snoop Dogg is making $30k a week from selling virtual stickers in Snoopify app


Top-Dog-168x300Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg launched his official Snoopify app, which lets fans customise their photos with a range of virtual stickers. Some are free, but most are sold via in-app purchase.

How much money is he making from the app? Around $30k a week. That’s according to Snoop’s brand manager Nick Adler in a bigger piece by the Wall Street Journal about the popularity of virtual stickers in apps.

If Snoopify maintains its momentum – a big assumption in the fickle world of apps – it could be a $1.6m annual revenue-stream for Snoop. We’ve been here before with this tech-savvy star though: back in 2010, Snoop sold $200k of branded items for virtual worlds in a matter of months.

A more recent parallel comes with Trey Songz, whose The Angel Network mobile app was grossing $54k a month from virtual item sales earlier this year – albeit not just from stickers.

We also recently reported on Korean star PSY’s launch of an ’emoticons pack’ within messaging app KakaoTalk.

Stuart Dredge

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