One of the more useful features introduced by YouTube in recent times is InVideo Programming, which gives creators and channel-owners the ability to cross-promote their videos and branding within their videos, to suggest what people should watch next. “This feature is now being used by over a million channels, and is driving millions of hours of watch time,” claims YouTube in a blog post announcing that the feature is going mobile. “InVideo Progamming is available on the latest YouTube iOS and Android apps, and will soon be on the YouTube mobile website, to help you get viewers to tune in to your next video. The best part ─ there’s nothing you need to do! The video you program from your desktop will work across both platforms.” Music marketers who aren’t using the feature already may find this a good time to get started. As music-focused MCN INDMusic told us earlier this year: “Every new view on a piece of new content should lead to 2-3 views on pieces of old content. If people come in and like this song, oh, they can love these other songs as well.”

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