The Echo Nest does have a new audio attribute in its data on millions of songs: ‘acousticness’. “Songs with high ‘acousticness’ will consist mostly of natural acoustic sounds (think acoustic guitar, piano, orchestra, the unprocessed human voice), while songs with a low ‘acousticness’ will consists of mostly electric sounds (think electric guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, auto-tuned vocals and so on),” explains the company’s blog. Developers with apps and services using The Echo Nest’s API can tap the new attribute easily, including as a filter to make playlists. The company has also gone through its own database to save time, labelling songs as ‘acoustic’ and ‘electric’ where it’s confident that they fall into those buckets. We’re just as excited at the mention of ‘acoustic dubstep’ as a real thing, and the unstoppable mental vision it’s giving us of an angry crowd of clubbers shouting ‘Judas!’ at Skream.

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