A fun new front appears to have opened up in the streaming music wars: guerilla advertising.

Take a look at the screenshot taken today by Music Ally’s Eamonn Forde while using Deezer’s web service. Spot anything unusual? Oh, the prominent advert for its rival Spotify.

Online advertising being what it is, it’s hard to say why the ad has appeared where it has. Spotify *could* be cheekily targeting its rival, or its ad could simply be filling a hole in Deezer’s inventory without the knowledge of either company.

Well, until now. As more streaming music services use display ads on their websites, though, we’re likely to see more of this kind of thing, whether unwitting or not.

One thing’s for sure: Deezer can’t easily retaliate: for now, Spotify’s advertising is audio-based within its desktop client. Perhaps Deezer’s marketing team could ring up Spotify’s sales staff to try to book one though…

Update: Spotify tells Music Ally that there’s no mischief afoot on this occasion: the banner appeared as part of an ad network buy, so wasn’t a deliberate attempt to target Deezer.

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