Music Ally Podcast #31 – Rdio, Pandora, Snapchat, Public Enemy, Eagles and more


In the latest Music Ally podcast, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge risk falling foul of the censors by talking a bit too much about the kind of websites that could get you sacked from your job if your browser history was looked at. Beyond that, they also talk about the burning issues in digital music. Really. Among the topics skinned and nailed to a block of wood in a laboratory are: Rdio and its plan to offer family-wide discounted subscriptions, although this soon becomes a conversational cul de sac about how Aerosmith were built by Frank Oz; they dip their spoons into the “misinformation stew” surrounding the Pandora/ASCAP/artist royalties debate in the US; next they attempt to understand Snapchat but make tasteless jokes about cups; then they look at Public Enemy on BitTorrent; and they end on why Lou Reed is rock music’s Grumpy Cat and reveal how the Eagles “invented Dalston”. Extra content includes Eamonn explaining why Prince could have been called QWERTY while Stu talks about a nun destroying a bin (for some reason)


Music Ally

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