Pandora has quadrupled its in-car listeners in last year


pandora-miniDigital music in the car has been a subject of keen interest within the music industry and among digital services for some time now.

Pandora is the latest company to announce its progress in this area, claiming that it now has 2.5m US listeners in cars: four times the number it had a year ago.

Pandora also says its service is available in more than 100 cars from 23 manufacturers, and will be installed in a third of all new cars sold in 2013 in the US.

2.5m in-car listeners is still a minority of the 70.1m active listeners Pandora had in April, the last month it provided figures for. With an estimated half of all radio listening taking place in cars, there is more growth to be had – growth that direct rivals like iHeartRadio and Slacker as well as indirect rivals like Spotify, Rhapsody and Rdio are hoping to tap into as well.

Pandora will welcome the positive news of its in-car growth, though, at a difficult time for the company. It remains enmeshed in an increasingly-angry war of words with songwriters and music publishers over its current payouts, and its desire to lower them further in the future.

The Verge reports that Pandora has held “preliminary discussions” with groups representing artists and labels to make peace – although whether songwriters and publishers are also involved in the talks is left unclear.

Stuart Dredge

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