Nobody doubts the anger among the publishing and songwriting community about Pandora’s efforts to reduce its royalty commitments, but it’s possible to go a bit too far in the life-or-death stakes. “Put simply, Pandora has gone to war against creators of music,” said National Music Publishers Association boss David Israelite in a statement on Friday, coming back to the idea in his conclusion: “While Pandora wages war on creators, other digital music services are entering into voluntary agreements with the music industry…” War? Really? Some perspective would be welcome in this debate – yes, it’s made us think too about our use of words like ‘battle’ when reporting on the digital music industry. More seriously, Israelite outlines the NMPA’s belief that Pandora has “funded a well orchestrated campaign to lower the amount paid to songwriters and artists” while the company “uses the artists’ and songwriters’ creative content to grow its business and pay its executives millions of dollars”. This row (dispute, disagreement, squabble, argument, feud even… all of these words are better than ‘war’) remains extremely heated.

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