Coca-Cola’s marketing partnership with Spotify just stepped up a notch in the UK, with the rollout of new 250ml cans of Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Coke featuring Spotify branding. The cans will direct fizzy-drinkers to Coca-Cola’s Placelists Spotify app, which launched earlier this year (Bulletin, 10-Jun-13). The app assigns Spotify playlists to specific cities, towns and venues, as well as Facebook events. Mashable claims that for now, Coca-Cola has no plans to launch the branded cans in the US. It’s fair to say that Placelists needs a bit of a boost. It’s currently listed as the 37th most popular Spotify app, according to the streaming music service’s App Finder chart. That’s less popular than the apps from Metal Hammer, Virgin Media, and Domino, let alone the table-topping TuneWiki. But Coca-Cola’s promotion of the app has been softly-softly so far, so the launch of the branded cans indicates it’s ready to give Placelists a proper push.

Source: Mashable 

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