Google Piracy

The latest comments by Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt about piracy and rightsholders aren’t hugely surprising, but they’re making headlines nonetheless. “The industry would like us to edit the web and literally delete sites, and that goes counter to our philosophy,” Schmidt told journalists at the Allen & Co conference late last week. “It is an absolute fact that there are pirate sites and we’ve done things to reduce the amount of people who use them. Our position is that somebody’s making money on this pirated content and it should be possible to identify those people and bring them to justice.” Unsurprising because this has been a view expressed by Google executives for some time: follow the filesharing money and clamp down on commercial piracy sites, rather than try to force Google to change its search-engine results. It’s controversial for two reasons: first, that some of these piracy sites are still making their money from Google’s ad network; and second, while Google promised to downgrade rather than delete piracy sites from its search results, rightsholders remain angry that its actions haven’t followed through on its words. Schmidt’s latest comments are likely to stoke that anger rather than ease it.

Source: Variety

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