Ticketmaster’s CEO Nathan Hubbard weighed into the artists v streaming debate yesterday with some stern words for the musician community. “One of my biggest frustrations at the moment is the complete lack of leadership from the artist community on the key issues facing our industry. It is a complete void. Those who step up are either painfully wrong and disorganized (as in this case), or go completely unsupported by their peers,” wrote Hubbard, in an open letter to industry blogger Bob Lefsetz. “There is no artist union. THERE SHOULD BE… My observation is that most of the bad things about the consumer experience in both recorded and live music have been allowed to persist because the artist community is fragmented, and therefore powerless as a whole.  They lose out to established status-quo forces via thousands of one-on-one negotiations, rather than creating leverage by assembling their interests.” Featured Artists Coalition has been trying to do exactly this in the UK, but has yet to comment publicly this week as the row over Spotify royalties intensified.

Source: Music Week

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