Björk didn’t have much luck with her Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the porting of her Biophilia album-app from iOS to Android and Windows 8 devices: it was cancelled 10 days in after raising just 4.1% of its £375k target (Bulletin, 8-Feb-13). There’s a happy ending to this story though: Biophilia was finally released for Android yesterday, after the musician and her creative team found a partner able to drastically cut the porting costs. The full Biophilia app is being sold for £8.49 on the Google Play store, and ties in to Björk’s Biophilia Educational Program, which runs workshops around science and music for students around the world. The partner was Apportable, which has created “a new way of converting apps to Android that costs a whole lot less and takes far less time than previously expected” (possibly worth noting if you have a slick iOS app and have been afeared of the costs of Android development). Meanwhile, Björk’s creative partner Snibbe Studio has revealed that it’s taken funding from Facebook’s engineering director for a brand new project: “a way to mash up the kind of things we’ve done with visual music to date, and turn these into a giant worldwide community where everyone can participate all day and night”. Worth watching.

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