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We’re now into the second week of the intense debate on streaming-music payouts to artists, with the UK’s Musicians’ Union weighing in this weekend with a call for labels to share payments 50/50 with artists. “The streaming model should be able to work to the benefit of performers. We’d like to see a realignment of the intellectual property rights that govern all this in order to be fairer to artists,” general secretary John Smith told the Guardian. “In the world of BBC radio and commercial radio, licensed by PPL or PRS for composers, there is a division of that licence – 50/50 – between record companies and performers that includes everyone from the famous artists right down to the triangle player, and we’d like to see something similar for this kind of thing.” Precisely the kind of deal Atoms for Peace are likely to have already, incidentally, since they’re signed to XL Recordings, which is a subsidiary of 50/50-split pioneer Beggars Group. Yet Spotify in particular is still taking the brunt of artist attacks. “If the main source of income for recorded music becomes streaming royalties, everyone except the record companies is screwed,” said artist Tom McRae in the same piece.

Source: Guardian

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