Michael Robertson’s was huge, back in the day. In 2013, how much is its domain name worth? Robertson has published a blog post about being offered the chance to buy the domain name back, but for more than he’s willing to pay. He explains that the site ended up in the hands of CNET’s parent company CBS, which is auctioning off some of its unwanted domain names. “They suggested they believed it was worth multiple millions of dollars,” he writes. “I spoke to a few former employees who contend that would be relevant today because it was far ahead of its time, but I think that’s their hearts talking not their minds. While it’s true that today’s replacements only provide a portion of what offered, the world has dramatically changed. was about downloads. The world has moved beyond the download to streaming access.” Robertson also reports that CBS claims to have “already received an unsolicited 7-digit offer” for, so there’s every chance it’ll relaunch in some form in the coming months. Although seven-digit sums spent buying such a domain means less money for licensing the music to make available through it…

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