Smartphone shipments up around 50% year-on-year


SAMSUNG-GALAXY-S3-4Following a wave of quarterly financial results, tech industry analysts are publishing their estimates for shipments of smartphones in the second quarter of this year.

IDC and Strategy Analytics’ figures are broadly in agreement about the size and growth of the market, which is being followed closely by digital music services and rightsholders alike.

IDC reckons that 237.9m smartphones shipped in Q2, while Strategy Analytics claims it was 229.6m – year-on-year rises of 52.3% or 47% depending which company you choose to believe.

IDC suggests that smartphones accounted for 55% of all mobile phones shipped during the quarter, while Strategy Analytics pegs that percentage at 59%. And while that represents strong growth, it’s also a reminder that between 41% and 45% of handsets shipped in Q2 were NOT smartphones.

Both companies also agree that Samsung has pulled further ahead of Apple in terms of smartphone shipments. Both take Apple’s official figure of 31.2m iPhones, but their estimates for Samsung’s shipments differ: 72.4m units for IDC and 76m for Strategy Analytics.

Samsung’s shipments were well over double Apple’s, in any case. That’s providing a strong base of Android smartphones for digital music services to tap into, even if it’s not seemingly driving big usage of Samsung’s own Music Hub.

Stuart Dredge

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