It’s early days for social-listening app Soundrop on Android: while it launched an app on the Google Play store yesterday, it’s currently a beta – with users of some devices (notably the Samsung Galaxy S3) reporting that it’s a bit crashy. Still, the app’s release is a statement from ambition from Soundrop, whose mobile incarnation has been iOS-only since its release in January 2012 (Bulletin, 11-Jan-12). On Android, the idea remains the same: “social listening rooms” for people to get together and stream music by theme or artist, voting for tracks that they want to hear, and chatting to other people. The Android app gets people to login using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and requires a Spotify Premium account to actually stream the music. The launch follows a year and a half of expansion for Soundrop, with a $3m funding round (Bulletin, 12-Jun-12); an SDK for other apps to use (Bulletin, 19-Sep-12); and the launches of Facebook artist listening-rooms and a website drawing music from YouTube to reduce its reliance on Spotify (Bulletin, 30-Apr-13).

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