Facebook‘s media event last night on changes to the social network’s News Feed turned out to be an announcement about… being better about announcing changes to its News Feed! “We’ve heard from our users and Page owners that we need to do a better job of communicating these updates,” explains Facebook’s Lars Backstrom in a blog post promising regular “News Feed FYI” articles explaining changes to News Feed algorithms. The latest change is relatively small: stories that people hadn’t scrolled far enough down their News Feed to see, but which are getting lots of likes and comments, can now reappear near the top. “For Page owners, this means their most popular organic Page posts have a higher chance of being shown to more people, even if they’re more than a few hours old,” writes Backstrom. The post is also interesting on the challenge Facebook faces in filtering updates for its users: “Every time someone visits News Feed there are on average 1,5001 potential stories from friends, people they follow and Pages for them to see,” he explains. Facebook’s job is to “prioritise an average of 300 stories out of these 1,500 stories to show each day” without making users and Page owners (too) cross.

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