Vevo TV launched earlier this year: an “always-on broadcast-style music and video channel” available through Vevo’s website and its smartphone, tablet and set-top box apps (Bulletin, 13-Mar-13). Now it may be launching on another device in the last of those categories: Apple’s Apple TV set-top box. AdAge reported the news yesterday that Vevo is “developing an app for Apple TV”, although neither company confirmed it. The rumour is spreading far and wide, although that’s the Apple connection for you: Vevo TV is already A Thing, and furthermore it’s A Thing that’s already available on TVs through Xbox 360 and Roku. Getting Vevo TV into the 13m+ Apple TVs that have been sold so far would be a positive step for Vevo, but if we’re talking scale, having it available to the 78m+ Xbox 360 consoles that have been sold was already a much bigger deal. Still, any Apple TV deal would be a sign of friendly relations between Vevo and Apple, which only lets a few hand-picked third-party apps onto its set-top box for now.

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