Imagine if you could tag a band playing live using apps like Shazam, rather than just recorded music? Well, Gracenote is working on it: the company has been talking publicly about its MusicID Live technology, which aims to help people identify live tracks, and was tested out at the recent Outside Hacks event as part of the Outside Lands festival. For now, it requires a computer connected to a soundboard feed at a gig, plus someone to enter the concert’s setlist so Gracenote’s technology can audio-fingerprint songs and make the data available for mobile users. CTO Ty Roberts tells Hypebot that more development and tests are required before the technology is ready for commercial deployment. It’s not the only company working on the idea though. Last week, Shazam’s VP of music and content Will Mills was interviewed by Music Ally at an Apple Store event in London and asked about live tagging. “We actually solved the live problem two years back when we did the first Super Bowl,” he said. “For that, we had to solve live recognition, so we had the feed coming in, and you were able to fingerprint that in real-time.” The competition will hopefully ensure both companies crack on with their efforts in the months and years to come.

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