Twitter UK’s latest blog post is only partly related to music, but should still be of strong interest to music marketers. It’s a brief analysis of three viral video phenomena on Twitter: Ryan Gosling’s ‘Won’t Eat Cereal’ videos, astronaut Chris Hadfield’s cover of ‘Space Oddity’, and Dove’s #WeAreBeautiful video. The videos spread in different ways – each is illustrated with a rather-beautiful dynamic visualisation of tweets and retweets shooting across the globe – with Dove’s campaign a slower-burning affair, and Hadfield’s song an explosive hit with 90% of its Twitter shares in the first three days after it was posted on YouTube. “One of the key things we learnt from looking closely at these three is that videos don’t go viral in the same way,” writes Twitter’s Gordon MacMillan. “There are no rules to ‘virality’ — while some ignite, and spread like wildfire across the web, the growth of others is much more measured, like ripples spreading across a lake.”

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