We hear you, parents: teenagers rarely need a good reason to be miserable, etc etc. But two studies published yesterday provide more insight into Facebook’s popularity among teens, and its possible effects on users of all ages. The first comes from the US-based Pew Research Center, which claims that the oft-predicted teen flight from Facebook isn’t happening yet, despite the popularity of other social networking apps. “Sampling other items at the social media buffet is not the same as swearing off salad forever,” notes Pew, explaining that 94% of American teen social media users have a Facebook profile, with 81% saying it’s the profile they use most often. Although it also points out that six years ago, 85% of teens said MySpace was their most used social media profile. Meanwhile, we’re readying our pinch of salt for The Telegraph’s “Scientists have confirmed that Facebook can make you miserable”, given that it’s based on a study of just 82 young adults. But it did identify a link between checking Facebook more regularly, and feeling more miserable. Social networking: SO unfair!

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