Cellist Zoe Keating may be tiring of the streaming payouts debate, but she’s still publishing her personal data for others to analyse. “I think I’ve stopped caring, but here is a new public spreadsheet w/ my streaming revenue for 1st half of 2013,” she tweeted last week. To clarify: streaming revenue for two of her older recordings – 2005 EP ‘One Cello x 16’ and 2006 album ‘One Cello x 16’, which were both distributed through CD Baby. Among the findings: out of $906.41 that Keating earned from streams of these two releases, $808 came from 201,412 plays on Spotify at an average rate of 0.4 cents per stream. By contrast, Keating earned an average of 0.05 cents per stream from Amazon Cloud Drive (19,875 plays, $9.30 total payments); 0.2 cents per stream from iTunes Match (188 / $0.47); 0.69 cents per stream from Rhapsody (7,908 / $54.40) with that including payments for mechanical royalties; and 3.5 cents per stream from Xbox Music (387 / $13.38). Keating broke out her payments from SoundExchange ($1.6k) and YouTube ($930) separately, albeit without the number of plays to enable per-stream calculations.

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