Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ track has now been streamed more than 100m times on Spotify alone – a milestone likely to have been passed in the last week. At the time of writing, the track’s play-count is showing 104,233,480 plays on Daft Punk’s artist page on the streaming music service.

In fact, it’s showing twice: once for the radio edit and once for the album version, but given it’s hugely unlikely both versions would have been played the same number of times, we’re assuming the total covers combined plays.

‘Get Lucky’ was released in April, with Spotify claiming at the time that the song had the biggest first day of streams in the music service’s history, including the biggest ever streaming day for a single track in the US and UK.

The song was streamed 6m times in its first full week on Spotify, and just under 25.5m times in its first month, according to our analysis in May. It’s thus taken another three months to hit the 100m mark, indicating that monthly streams have remained steady since its debut.

Taking the rough industry estimate of 0.4 cents per stream, that would be a payout of nearly $417k for ‘Get Lucky’ from Spotify alone. But that is very rough: based on the payouts to indie artist Zoe Keating after her digital distributor’s 9% cut. We’re not privy to Daft Punk’s deal with label Columbia Records, so can’t give an accurate number for how much the French duo have made from their Spotify streams.

How is ‘Get Lucky’ doing elsewhere, though? The ‘Official Audio’ video on YouTube has been played 111,216,839 times at the time of writing: another nine-figure playcount, although we won’t even start to guess what the payouts have been there. YouTube is a different (and even less transparent) kettle of fish for payouts, depending more on what ads have been served to viewers rather than a simple per-stream calculation.

Sales? ‘Get Lucky’ passed 1m sales in the UK on 28 June, taking just 69 days to hit that milestone. In the US, it had sold 2.4m downloads by 15 August according to Nielsen SoundScan data. The rest of the world? Your guess is as good as ours.

It’s safe to say Daft Punk can afford as many sparkly robot suits as they want in the months and years to come.

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