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Location-based music discovery app Timbre launched last year as a new way for people to find artists playing gigs nearby, and listen to their music (Bulletin, 10-Sep-12). It started in the US, before expanding globally earlier this year (Bulletin, 8-Feb-13). Now it’s been updated to version 2.0 with a bunch of new features, including Spotify integration to play full songs. There are also more social features to see which friends are interested in upcoming gigs; recommendations for shows they might like; alerts when favoured bands return to their area; and the ability to buy concert tickets from within the app. It sounds like a sensible update, but for now Timbre isn’t giving any stats on how many people are using the app beyond it being available in 36 countries. In February, the company said that the app had been used to make ‘over 2m artist discoveries’, but there’s no update on that stat either.

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