Unlicensed Russian music download sites (or ones that play fast and loose with copyright laws) are nothing new – you only have to look at the AllOfMP3 case that stretches back the guts of a decade. The latest site in this vein to shutter is LegalSounds, which began operations in 2005 and sold tracks for around $0.09 each. “We are terribly sorry, but due to recent changes in Russian Federation legislation (Anti Piracy Law, which came into force August 1), we can’t continue offering you our service,” it wrote in a statement. “Thanks for all of you, who supported legalsounds.com through these years. We hope to come back with something new.” TorrentFreak muses on what might be happening in the background here, claiming that no new actions have been filed to the Russian authorities regarding the removal or funauthorised MP3s under the new legislation. LegalSound also pulled its Facebook page, but some customers are posting irate messages that they have lost all the money they had in their LegalSound accounts. The site’s T&Cs point out, however, that only payments made on credit cards are refundable. Is this a lone incident or will similar sites quietly close down amid legislative fears? The next few months should be telling indeed.
Source: TorrentFreak

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