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Debate around Spotify has, once again, focused almost exclusively on what it pays (or, depending on your view, what it doesn’t pay) to rightsholders. Instead of focusing on the revenue issue exclusively, Matt Riley, head of sync & marketing at Hospital Records in the UK, has written on the Midem blog about how labels can also use Spotify in their marketing and how they can turn the platform to their advantage. Tips include creating playlists, building an app and not windowing releases to ring fence sales on iTunes. “This is entirely pointless,” he says. “Having studied data on our tracks, the biggest listenership spikes are right on release. So why would you want to miss out on that revenue?” He does also address the payment issue and suggests that those with considerable catalogues and who can hold their nerve to play the long game could see high financial benefits. He caveats it be saying Spotify might not necessarily be beneficial for DIY acts. “Like every music service, Spotify is not perfect,” he concludes. “But it licenses music properly, and it pays labels and artists.”
Source: Midem blog

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