Today’s lengthy read comes courtesy of Read Write which takes a scalpel to the YouTube economy. It is focused on TV/movies but makes a number of interesting points that can apply to other content industries, particularly music. “YouTube has massive potential to revolutionize the entertainment industry and redefine storytelling, but in order to do that, the industry has to first start making money,” it says. “This can happen by either YouTube charging less money for its services and the arrival of a competitor, or big brands injecting capital.”

It also looks at the tensions caused by MCNs (something we have covered from a music angle numerous times) between the old Hollywood and the slowly emerging new digital Hollywood. It describes the current ad-based MCN business as “screwed” and “unsustainable”. Perhaps the most interesting point relates to YouTube’s share of ad revenue and if that needs to be lowered – but that is unlikely to happen until YouTube has some serious competitors. In its current near-monopoly position, it doesn’t have to do anything. Along with discussions on the impact of brands and the increasing importance of analytics, there is plenty to chew over here.

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