Half-a-million-people use the web browser launched by The Pirate Bay to help them get around ISP-level blocks of the filesharing service. The PirateBrowser was launched last month as a customised version of the Firefox web browser: “a simple one-click browser that circumvents censorship and blockades and makes the site instantly available and accessible” (Bulletin, 12-Aug-13). Now it’s been downloaded more than 550,000 times according to TorrentFreak. It’s part of a wider trend that’s seeing the likes of The Pirate Bay and Kim Dotcom positioning themselves – however far-fetched the idea may seem – as champions of online privacy. And in another reminder that piracy technology often moves faster than anti-piracy technology and legislation, TorrentFreak suggests there is more to come from The Pirate Bay: “a special BitTorrent-powered application, which lets users store and distribute The Pirate Bay and other websites on their own computers, making it impossible for third parties to block them”.

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