Crowdfunding service Kickstarter has long made a habit of transparency, publishing stats on how many projects have launched and succeeded on its platform, and how much money they received from backers. How does that compare to a rival like Indiegogo? Researchers Jonathan Lau and Edward Junprung have been trying to find out by scraping data from Indiegogo, although the main finding is that direct comparisons are tricky: Indiegogo appears to de-list failed campaigns that raise less than $500. With that in mind, the research claims that successful Kickstarter projects have so far raised $612m compared to Indiegogo’s $99m, with average success rates of 44% and 34% respectively – although the latter doesn’t include those de-listed campaigns. “It is shocking to see that Indiegogo is so massively behind Kickstarter,” writes Lau. “It looks to us that Kickstarter has cornered the most lucrative part of the crowdfunding market, leaving competitors like Indiegogo to fight for the scraps in far poorer niches.” Indiegogo has hit back, telling PC Magazine that the research is “completely false: every piece of data about Indiegogo is completely wrong”, but without (yet) releasing its own data to show that.

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