Heard of Captain Sparklez? The alter ego of Jordan Maron has a YouTube channel that’s just reached 1bn total views, with nearly 5.4m subscribers – and music has been a big part of its success. Specifically music videos created using the Minecraft game for songs including ‘Take Back the Night’, ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love. “The music videos generally take anywhere from a month to three months to create, as 3D animation is no small task,” Maron tells TubeFilter. “Fortunately I’ve had huge amounts of help from several other very talented individuals who make the projects possible, else that one month to three month time period would turn into years.” And the interesting thing: he’s now moving into making videos for original songs rather than just famous parodies. “Last weekend we released the first music video we’ve done for an original song, and unless there is some sort of drastic change, that will be the approach from this point on.” Anyway, something to be aware of: we suspect it won’t be long before labels come calling with commissions.

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