Everyone’s online nowadays in a developed country like the US, right? Wrong. According to the Pew Research Center, 15% of American adults don’t use the internet or email. It’s been asking a sample of 2,252 of them why (on the telephone, obviously…) 34% said they’re just not interested, and 32% suggested variants on it being too difficult to go online: “it is difficult or frustrating to go online, they are physically unable, or they are worried about other issues such as spam, spyware, and hackers”. 19% said it’s too expensive to own a computer and/or get an internet connection, and 7% cited a “physical lack of availability or access to the internet”. Pew explores the data further, noting that 44% of Americans aged 65 and older don’t use the internet, making up just under half of all non-internet users in the US.

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