Shapes Music iPad app gets fans playing along with music videos



Every so often, a music app pops up from nowhere on the App Store to intrigue us. Shapes Music is the latest. Launched by a US startup of the same name, it’s an app to “play along with thousands of music videos and learn a ton about music as you play”.

That involves pulling music videos from YouTube and superimposing a piano-keyboard outline over the top of them, so people can play along. “Our playlist is curated straight from YouTube to contain a wide variety of jams and genres, from pop to indie to R&B,” explains its App Store listing, with more information on the company’s website.

“When experienced musicians interact with music, they seldom think in terms of notes, scales or keys. Instead, they’ve translated years of experience into natural shapes and patterns on their instruments. Shapes turns this broader way of thinking into a simple system that anyone can use right away.”

There are plans to add other instruments and sounds, with the business model (for now) being the £2.99 download fee for the app.

Stuart Dredge

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