It always bugs us when we go to non-music conferences and hear other creative industries promising not to repeat the digital mistakes of the music industry. Not that this isn’t a good strategy, but for its implication that everyone except those foolish music people can learn from those past mistakes. We enjoyed the latest blog post from Kobalt’s David Emery, then, where he describes music as “the older, wiser brother” to books and video. “The digital music market today is a mature – while still ever changing and adapting – market,” he writes. “Out of all media – ignoring for the moment video games, as that market is far newer in relative terms and less entrenched – music has handled the ongoing transition from a physical business to a digital one the most successfully… No one is sitting on their laurels, nothing is stagnating, no one is getting rich quick. There is change, and there are solid foundations upon which to build this change.” Hear hear.

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