Google Piracy

Remember the days when rightsholders were sending Google 1.8m URL takedown notices for its search engine? October 2012 seems like another era… The pace has picked up rapidly in the last year, with the BPI and RIAA leading the charge of rightsholders telling Google to remove piracy links. TorrentFreak has provided an update based on Google’s public stats: in the week of 23-29 September, Google received just over 5.3m takedown requests, breaking the previous weekly record by more than 560k. Of the 5.3m requests, just under 1.3m came from the BPI and 751k from the RIAA. The sites being targeted most aren’t the usual offenders, either: step forward ZippyShare, Dilandau and BeeMP3 as the three most-cited websites. As ever, these figures will be interpreted differently by both sides: Google sees them as proof of its willingness to take action against piracy, while rightsholders see them as proof Google has a big problem with infringing search results, and should be doing more pro-actively to demote these sites in its rankings.

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