Spotify just updated its iOS app to play nice with Apple’s iOS 7 software, but we’re as interested in the company’s latest ‘fictitious’ update feature: “This app cries at weddings”.

It’s become a tradition for the company: a bullet point at the end of its list of new features whenever it pushes a new upgrade live. We thought now might be a good time to collect them in one place:

19-Jun-12 (0.5.2): “This version is allergic to nuts.”

7-Aug-12 (0.5.4): “This version is available in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.”

27-Aug-12 (0.5.5): “This app makes a lovely cup of tea.”

21-Mar-13 (0.6.1): “This app is reverse-engineered using alien technology.”

2-Jul-13 (0.7.1): “This app shares 73% of its DNA with bees.”

25-Sep-13 (0.7.6): This app is learning to knit.”

And now crying at weddings. It’s unclear who’s responsible for the one-liners, which don’t appear in every single update. But it’s a reminder that for all the serious industry debates around Spotify, its value for artists and its sensitive relationship with Apple, there’s still room for a bit of humour in how it goes about its business.

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