We were surprised last week when HMV launched an iPhone app allowing people to buy music downloads, not just browse them. It seems Apple was surprised too, despite having approved the feature. The app was pulled from its App Store yesterday after HMV refused to remove the feature when asked to by Apple. “Apple have politely asked us to remove the #hmvapp from the AppStore. We have politely declined,” tweeted HMV chairman Paul McGowan yesterday afternoon. “Cupertino sets unrealistic 6pm deadline for changes to #hmvapp looks like they will suspend then.” And that’s exactly what happened. “It is disappointing that Apple has chosen to suspend an app that has proven to be very successful in only a few short days despite Apple having already approved the exact same version on 15th September,” said McGowan later in a statement. “We are unable to explain the change in Apple’s position as we have been given no explanation by them as to any difference they view between the approved version and the one suspended this evening.”

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