Music Town iPad app is a virtual world for music discovery



We’ll admit to being intrigued by new iPad app Music Town, which launched yesterday: it looks like SimCity, but acts like a music discovery service.

“Explore an interactive virtual town where you can visit a wide variety of music venues and watch performances from up-and-coming musicians,” as the App Store listing puts it.

The virtual town has 17 music venues including a coffee shop, nightclub, subway station and arena, with the promise of “hundreds of talented undiscovered artists and thousands of music performances” within them.

The app costs £1.49 to download, which could be a barrier to it reaching a wide audience given the current economics of the apps world.

Music Town is the work of startup TrueMuze, which is inviting musicians to submit video performances and use them to “connect with new fans, sell albums, and earn extra cash” – this happening through iTunes. File under novelty, but an interesting one.

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