ZEFR is one of the crop of companies helping brands and content companies to build their businesses on YouTube. Now it’s aiming to share some of the lessons it’s learned in a free e-book called ‘Anatomy of a Fan’. We think it might be useful for music marketers too. It’s described as an “introductory course on fan communities”, which ZEFR sees as “more than just a collection of people that enjoy the same kinds of videos. They produce their own content, create their own language, and share spoken and unspoken rules of conduct, complete with hierarchies and leadership positions”. The e-book is written by author Meredith Levine, who’s been studying fan communities for the last decade, and now works as ZEFR’s “in-house fanthropologist” (yes, ouch). “When you’re finished with the book, you’ll understand what a fan community looks like, what makes a fan tick, and how the collective passion of these communities have created an overwhelming source of opportunity for brands…”

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