The debate over streaming music and artist payouts continues, with former Gang of Four man Dave Allen returning to the fray this weekend in a guest post for Techdirt. In it, he criticises Thom Yorke, David Byrne and the pitchfork-wielding T Bone Burnett (Bulletin, 5-Nov-13) for their recent attacks on the technology industry. “If we were to take Thom at his word, the fall of Google would cause him and his supporters to dance in the streets waving their proverbial “pitchforks and torches,” while denying those in society who are not musicians the benefits of labor-saving technology that Google and other technology companies bring,” writes Allen, comparing Yorke to the 19th-century Luddite movement. “That’s about as far away from a credible position in this discussion than I can imagine. The real irony there is that the ‘labor-saving technologies’ of today make it easier, not harder, for musicians to reach an audience.” And he concludes with this one-liner: “Yelling get off my lawn is not a serious response to a lack of demand.”

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