The star of this week’s Music Ally Report is Moby, giving his views on digital music: BitTorrent, Spotify, social media and more. Including a notably relaxed view on the question of payouts from new digital music platforms. “If every musician, label and manager really focused on making the best possible music that they could and doing whatever they could to really focus on and enhance the relationship with the listener, the rest would probably take care of itself,” he told us. “I think too many companies almost go under because they think too much about trying to monetise and miss the bigger picture which is – whether it’s Spotify or Pandora or the original Napster or some digital platform that might be invented tomorrow – that platforms come and go. Bandwidth increases and different types of piracy emerge. All that is in a state of flux; but one thing that is not in a state of flux is that if a musician makes a beautiful piece of music, someone will want to listen to it… I believe artists deserve the right to make money from what they do but I think the clever musician in 2013 can find lots of ways to make a living.” The full interview will be in tonight’s Music Ally Report.

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