Pandora’s backing for proposed Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA) legislation has been one of the most contentious issues over the last couple of years, lining the personal radio service up against music industry bodies as well as individual songwriters and musicians. It failed to pass earlier this year (Bulletin, 4-Jan-13) but Pandora was expected to come back for another attempt at a later date. That prospect has now been scotched: “Pandora will focus on other paths to resolution,” a spokesperson told Billboard, with the company set to direct its energies towards lobbying for lower royalty rates from the US Copyright Royalty Board, when it next sets them. Opponents of IRFA are crowing: RIAA boss Cary Sherman has described Pandora’s abandonment of the proposed legislation as “a historic moment” while SoundExchange chief Michael Huppe said “We’re pleased to learn that Pandora is abandoning the Internet Radio Fairness Act, which would have deeply impacted the way artists and other creators are paid for digital radio plays”.

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