Music Ally Podcast #47 – Spotify Artists, Grooveshark ethics, BT, Deezer and more


This week’s Music Ally podcast sees Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge dig into Spotify’s slate of artist-focused announcements, figuring out whether Thom Yorke will approve, and what it all means for the wider music industry. They also ponder the puzzling news that Grooveshark is the ‘most ethical’ streaming music service, given its stance on the ethics of paying artists and songwriters. Also on the agenda: BT’s upcoming album-streaming service; Deezer’s efforts to break new bands; and a serious debate on censorship and music taking in Lostprophets and ‘Nazi Shazam’. Bonus content: the mellifluous tones of “Ireland’s singing farmer” John Watt.

Music Ally

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