The latest Music Hack Day London took place this weekend, and judging by the list of 52 hacks shown off at the event, it was a lot of fun. They include: Hipster-robot, a robotic arm that stops you listening to songs deemed as too ‘mainstream’; Didgidoo, an “electronically augmented didgeridoo”; BeerHear to rate the calibre of alcohol at concert venues; Notepad to play a piano scribbled on your paper notepad; Amalgorave, a “crowd sourced algorave engine” to generate music for as many people as you like in real-time; JackDAW, a digital audio workstation built in an Excel workbook; Attention Deficit Radio, a “Pandora-like radio experience for music listeners with short attention spans” that just plays the best 30 seconds of each song; candyTunes, which controls mashups of songs using “M&Ms laid out in front of your notebook”; and F*** Christmas, which detects Christmas music playing in the real world then phones you with “a phone call with that song mashed with something slightly more socially acceptable”.

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